Santa’s Coal : Story via CHATGPT 🎅 🧑‍🎄

The story of where Santa Claus gets his coal is a popular Christmas tale that has been told for generations. According to the story, Santa Claus uses coal as a way to punish naughty children who have misbehaved throughout the year.

The legend goes that Santa keeps a list of all the good boys and girls in the world, and on Christmas Eve, he delivers presents to the good children while leaving coal for the naughty ones. The coal is said to be a reminder to the naughty children to be better behaved in the future.

There are many different versions of this story, with some versions saying that Santa Claus gets the coal from a coal mine, while others say that he collects it from the ashes of the fireplace. Some versions even suggest that Santa Claus has his own special coal-making workshop, where he and his elves create the coal for naughty children.

Despite the many different stories about where Santa gets his coal, the underlying message remains the same: that it is important for children to be good and behave well, so they can receive presents from Santa rather than coal

December 13-30, 2021 10:30am Jerry Orbach Theater, Times Square NYC

If you love heavy metal, Christmas and you have kids, don’t miss this show heading to Times Square NYC every morning December 13-30 10:30am. From the creators of D-Metal Stars / Metal Disney, ANIMAZE X delivers holiday classics and originals that will get you rocking out this holiday season.

AniMaze X is a project started by the members of best selling D-Metal Stars / AniMetal USA. AniMaze X  is focusing on a wider variety of music themes such as superheros,  popular cartoons, Broadway musicals, movie soundtracks, as well as the D-Metal Stars “classics”.  Live Metal performance with a theatrical style  production. 

With Michael Vescera on vocals, John Bruno on Guitar, Rudy Sarzo on Bass, and BJ Zampa on Drums, the debut album “Metal Disney” was released in October 2016 on Walt Disney Records to the Japanese market. It reached #3 on the Amazon Japan Hard Rock /  Metal Best Sellers chart, and #2 on the Children’s Chart. The album was  then released for the US Market on March 31, 2017 by UMG, Universal Music Group, landing on the Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon charts. It eventually became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Chart 

  • The Jerry Orbach Theater (Home of the most recent extended off-Broadwy run of The Fantasktiks) Corner of 50th & Broadway, Times Square NYC
  • TICKETS $38-$53
  • $53 VIP tickets include a chance to meet the band and Santa

AniMetal USA made their world debut at the 2011 Loud Park Festival performing Heavy Metal versions of popular Anime theme songs.

The band’s original members consisting of lead vocalist Mike Vescera, Rudy Sarzo on Bass, Chris Impellitteri on Guitar, and drummer Scott Travis was later replace by Jon Dette. The band had two number #1 selling albums in Japan.

11/27/2021 Little Italy Arthur Ave Tree Lighting

Santa is excited to be returning to Arthur Avenue to help celebrate the holidays.

Join us for the tree lighting on November 27, 2021 for the annual tree lighting.

4pm they have hot cocoa and cookies from top local bakeries. Live entertainment and meet Santa, take lots of selfies. Often a few celebs stop by. Lots of local shop owners.

2019 poster

When it gets a little darker, the tree is lit, we song some carols take a few more photos then go to dinner at one of the amazing restaurants. Hundreds drop by every hear.

Come early and pick up some cheeses, sausages, olives, fresh pasta, etc at the amazing shops.

Arthur Ave – The real Little Italy 2014

SantaNYC will be strolling the street is Little Italy throughout December as he has the past 10 of the past 12 years.

2426 Hughes Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

2021 Santa Events

ELFPROV, Breakfast with Santa, the ultimate NYC HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE is Back!!!

  • VIP Tickets $50
  • General Admission $25
  • The biggest change this year, we will not actually supply breakfast, however, we are surrounded by great options to cater your own breakfast. We teens ordering ahead to PICK A BAGEL. The line is intense but when you order ahead just run in and it’s ready for pick up. Also we will limit seating to 1/2 capacity for more comfort.
  • 9:30am Santa Meet ‘n Greet: Each family will get a minute with Santa to pose for photos and share wish lists.
  • 10:00am ELFPROV, the interactive musical comedy show from the North Pole, improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.
  • 10:45am Santa Sing Along, Santa sits at the piano while Kids join Elves on stage, rocking out to holiday faves.
  • Reserve your family’s seats today. CLICK HERE

Share last minute wish lists w/🎅

Book times here: (click dates, choose times)

Share wish lists, ask Santa about the North Pole, Elves, Christmas magic, and sing a song or two with the Jolly Singing Santa from Times Square NYC.

Also December 24/25, 2020

$50 for 20 minutes, invite friends and family from around the world to join call.

Nervous Santa backstage at Good Morning America, December 2017

Santa can perform a mini concert just for your family!

Share last minute wish lists on Christmas Eve, or follow up and thank Santa on Christmas day.

Hide a few gifts, Santa can say there is one more thing….. Sky’s the limit!

And a Happy New Year!

Santa Hang Outs This Weekend December 19-25 Virtual Activities 4 Families

  • 12/19 Saturday 3pm Santa Sing Along $20/family
    30-minute concert with Santa at the Piano, sing along with holiday classics, sit back and enjoy Santa’s signature solo work, laugh along with some Christmas stories. $30 VIP guests get Private Time with Santa
  • 12/19 Saturday 6-7pm Santa Meet & Greets $25/family
    10-minute sessions include a chance to go over the wish list, learn about Santa and the North Pole, sing along for a song or two. First come first serve on times. CLICK HERE to reserve your slot
  • 12/20 Sunday 3pm Elfprov $30/family
    30 minute Improv Comedy with Santa, Mrs. Claus and Elves, Mini Sing Along Caroling with Santa at the Piano. $50 VIP guests get Private Time with Santa
  • 12/20 Sunday 6-7pm Santa Meet & Greets $25/family
    10-minute private sessions include a chance to go over the wish list, learn about Santa and the North Pole, sing along for a song or two.
  • 12/21 Monday 6-7pm Santa Meet & Greets $25/family
  • 12/22 Tuesday 6-7pm Santa Meet & Greets $25/family
  • 12/23 Wednesday 6-7pm Santa Meet & Greets $25/family
  • 12/24 Thursday Christmas Eve Santa Meet & Greets $50/family
    20-minute private sessions include a last chance to go over the wish list, learn about Santa and the North Pole, sing along for a song or two. Invite multiple households to say hello on ZOOM to each other and Santa.
  • 12/25 Friday Christmas Day Santa Meet & Greets $50/family
    20-minute private sessions. Bring Santa into your home on Christmas Day, give the kids a chance to say thank you, what did Santa forget, learn about Santa and the North Pole, sing along for a song or two. Invite multiple households to say hello on ZOOM to each other and Santa.

December 4-6, 2020 Jolly Singing Santa Virtual North Pole Visits – Times Going Fast

Check times & register HERE

Join NYC’s Jolly Singing Santa for a private ZOOM Meet & Greet from the North Pole.
Share wish lists, ask questions, sing a song or two.


  • Additional Dates & Times available or EMAIL
  • After payment for session is complete the elves will send the ZOOM link.
  • Log on up to 5 minutes before session time.
  • You may record the session via ZOOM controls. If you share publicly we only ask to include a link to
  • Each family will get up to 10-minutes to share wish lists with Santa.


  • Saturdays 3pm Santa Sing Along 30+ minutes of Santa at the piano. VIP tickets include Private Meet & Greet after the show
  • Sundays 3pm ELFPROV Funny interactive holiday fun improvised by the Elves and Santa. VIP tickets include Private Meet & Greet after the show

NYC Santa has Appeared on TV, Off-Broadway and numerous private and public events through out the New York City area and beyond including Madison Square Garden (with Buddy the Elf for St. Johns Basketball – Chris Mullin’s first home game as coach), Arthur Ave, Little Italy, Broadway Comedy Club (Elfprov, Santa’s Sing Along Adventures, 27 Santa’s and an Elf Called Kevin), Morgan Stanley, Milbank, Wieden+Kennedy, etc.

Santa Virtual Meet & Greets

Thanksgiving Day Virtual Visits

CLICK HERE to REGISTER, select your preferred time(s) then log in Thanksgiving day at your chosen time with the whole family to share your Christmas wish lists, ask questions about the North Pole, and sing a long with your favorite Christmas Carol. Just $25 for 10 minutes.

Christmas Eve / Christmas Day

Click Here for times on 12/24 & 12/25. $50 for 20 minute slot. Invite multiple family members or friends from different locations.

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